Stiltz Duo & Trio Home Lift


Regain control and independence in your everyday life. The Stiltz Homelift will keep up with you as your mobility needs change. The Duo can carry one to two people. Stiltz has a free-standing design, that does not require a support wall and takes up very little living space. The compact electric drive motor is small, quiet and powerful. The lift is almost invisible when the cab is on another floor. Safety is of upmost importance. The Stiltz comes standard with automatic lighting, two wireless remote controls and keyed controls in the cab. All controls are constant pressure. Battery Backup for operation during power outages.

Key Features

Weight Capacity: 375 lbs.

Footprint: Duo Alta 41-3/16” x 30”

Duo Classic & Duo Vista 40-15/16” x 29-1/8”

Duo Thru Car 40-15/16” x 33-1/8”

Maximum Travel:  177-3/16”, 2 stop (Duo Thru-Car 2 stops, 3 split levels)

Minimum Overhead required: 93-5/16””

Speed: 21.7 fpm

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The Stiltz Trio Alta is a larger home elevator designed to comfortably carry a full-sized wheelchair. The clear walls helps it blend into your home, and the unique shape means the rails are discreetly recessed behind the slightly wider entrance/exit. The Stiltz Trio Alta Homelift is now available with 6 metre travel allowing it to be fitted in homes with very high ceilings or conversions. It’s also ideal for homeowners looking for a 3-stop homelift.

Key Features

Weight Capacity: 500lbs.

Footprint:41-3/16” x 50-1/4”

Maximum Travel:  177-3/16”, 2 stop (Trio Alta 2 stops, 3 split levels)

Minimum Overhead required: 96-1/16”

Speed: 21.7 fpm

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Duo & Trio Footprints/Documentation