Shaftless/Thru-Floor/Balcony Attachment Home Elevators

Stairlift Store is proud to offer the highest quality residential elevators in Houston and surrounding areas at affordable prices. Our elevators have lifting capacities that range from 500 lbs. to 1,000lbs. with a rider capacity ranging from 1 to 5 riders. We offer automatic elevators in hoistways, through the floor elevators, atrium elevators, and shaftless elevators. Our vast inventory includes top-quality brands like Savaria, Staying Home, and Stiltz. Home elevators provide luxury, comfort, and convenience, and they improve your lifestyle for a perfect in-home solution. You and your family can enjoy all levels of your home safely with our selection of residential elevators designed to improve your life.

Shaftless / Thru-Floor / Balcony Attachment

Mini VueLift by Savaria

Mini VueLift Panoramic round acrylic/glass home elevator with a small footprint and integrated hoistway. Reliable winding drive with aircraft cables for a quiet, smooth, stable ride. The Vuelift Mini fits against a wall, in a corner, in the middle of an open-concept living space or centered in a winding or circular staircase. Best-in-class weight capacity. Incorporating Vuelift Mini into a home means greater convenience, enhanced mobility and aging-in-place options for those who find stairs difficult to navigate.


Key Features:

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

Footprint: Cab 8.25 sq. ft., Hoistway 49.75” round

Maximum Travel: up to 42.5 feet and 6 stops

Minimum Overhead Required: 96”, Cab interior height 78”

Speed: 30 fpm

Warranty: 36 months if installed by Savaria Authorized Dealer.

Stiltz Duo & Trio Home Lift

Regain control and independence in your everyday life. The Stiltz Homelift will keep up with you as your mobility needs change. The Duo can carry one to two people. The Trio can carry two people, a wheelchair or walker. Stiltz has a free-standing design, that does not require a support wall and takes up very little living space. The compact electric drive motor is small, quiet and powerful. The lift is almost invisible when the cab is on another floor.

Safety is of upmost importance. The Stiltz comes standard with automatic lighting, two wireless remote controls and keyed controls in the cab. All controls are constant pressure. Battery Backup for operation during power outages.

Key Features:

Weight Capacity: Duo 375 lbs., Trio 500 lbs.

Footprint: Duo Alta 41-3/16” x 30”, Duo Classic & Duo Vista 40-15/16” x 29-1/8”, Duo Thru Car 40-15/16” x 33-1/8”, Duo Trio 41-3/16” x 50-1/4”

Maximum Travel: Duo/Trio 177-3/16”, 2 stop (Duo Thru-Car & Trio Alta 2 stops, 3 split levels)

Minimum Overhead Required: Duo 93-5/16””, Trio 96-1/16”

Speed: 21.7 fpm

Warranty: 2 years if installed by Stiltz Authorized Dealer

Telecab and Telecab 17 Home Lift by Savaria

Space-saving through-the-floor accessibility lift, built on the same drive system as the popular and robust Savaria V-1504 wheelchair lift The Telecab has solid lower panels and acrylic upper panels in clear or bronze. It is available as same-side in-out or as a pass-thru lift. The Telecab 17 has stylish modern cab with full height acrylic panels and one-door access. Continuous pressure operation.


Key Features:

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs. (Telecab), 845 lbs. (Telecab17)

Footprint: 36” x 60.5” minimum

Maximum Travel: 2 stops, 23’

Minimum Overhead Required: 96”

Speed: 20 fpm

Warranty: 36 months if installed by Savaria Authorized Dealer.