Bruno Elite Straight Outdoor Stairlift

Safely Savor the Outdoors.

Enjoy outdoor living spaces with the Bruno Elite straight outdoor stairlift. Designed to withstand varying climates, the Elite outdoor stairlift features weather-resistant materials, easy operation and high performance engineering.

Key Features

Effortless. Sit down, clip seat belt and press armrest control to glide up/down stairs. Wireless control also comes standard.

Weather-Resistant. Marine-grade vinyl, durable outdoor paint and lightweight waterproof cover provide year-round protection.

Safe. Safely exit away from the stairs by swiveling seat up to 90° at the top landing. Retractable seat belt and obstruction sensors further ensure safety.

Dependable. Battery-powered operation ensures performance even in power outage. Stairlift continually charges along entire rail.

Comfortable. Generously sized seat is adjustable in height. Footrest height and space between armrests are also adjustable.

Compact. Narrow vertical rail design maintains maximum open space. Fold arms, seat and footrest to gain even more room.

Technical Specifications
Elite Outdoor Options