Handicare 4000 Curved Outdoor Stairlift

Twin Rail System.

If your stairs feature a change in direction, pie-shaped stairs, or you would like to add out-of-the-way parking for your stairlift, the Handicare 4000 can be an ideal solution for you. The installation can be completed in about a day by your local installer. Built for reliability and safety, Handicare stairlifts are brought to you by Savaria, a global leader in accessibility products.

Key Features

  • Twin Rail
  • More Parking Options
  • Battery Powered
Key Features

Twin rail. The design of the double rail system creates a close fit to the wall or side railing, leaving maximum space on the stairs. Tums and parking features are also tightly curved for a less intrusive appearance.

Safety counts. The Handicare 4000 includes a retractable seatbelt, overspeed brake and obstruction sensor system on the footrest and carriage.

Battery powered. With charging stations at the top and bottom landing, your stairlift is always powered and will make several trips up and down during a power outage.

Operation ease. The armrest toggles are easy to use, along with two remote controls so you can call the lift from the top or bottom of the stairs.

Parkin options. Add a parking station to keep your stairlift out of the way when not in use.

Power seat swivel. With a simple toggle of a switch, the seat turns so you're safely facing the top landing and not the staircase when getting up from the lift.

Power folding footrest. Choose the powered footrest to eliminate bending down to fold and unfold the footrest.

Power folding hinge. If you have an open area or doorway at the base of the stairs, the power hinge keeps the area free and clear of tripping hazards.

Technical Specifications
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