Bruno Elite Curved Stairlift

Custom Fit. High Performance.

Experience the ultra-smooth, quiet ride of a Bruno Elite curved stairlift. Bruno is the only manufacturer who handcrafts the rail to ensure a precision fit that artfully flows into every corner and maximizes open space on the steps.

Why We Like This Stairlift:

  • This is a workhorse in a sleek, beautifully designed package.
  • We have Bruno Curved Rail Stairlifts that we installed in 1999, that are still being used today.
  • Bruno is built tolast.
  • The single rail system looks like a ribbon of taffy gliding down your stairs.
  • The mechanical structure of the rail keeps the rider in an upright comfortable position during the entire rail.
Key Features

Handcrafted. Elegant, handmade rail delivers a precision fit and smooth ride while the covered gear rack gives clean, graceful appearance.

Easy-to-Use. Armrest control glides stairlift up and down. Two wireless call/send remotes are also included.

Adjustable. Change seat and footrest height and space between arms for optimal fit for your body.

Compact. Vertical, custom rail leaves maximum open space on steps. Fold the arms, seat and footrest when not in use to save even more space.

Safe. Seat swivels 90° at top of steps and locks in place for safe exit away from stairs. Seat belt and obstruction sensors further ensure safety.

Dependable. Battery-powered operation ensures performance, even in the event of a power outage

Technical Specifications
Elite Curved Options